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  • Hosted by April Sorrow

Host April Sorrow interviews some of UGA's most prolific researchers to discuss not only the latest findings but how research initiatives here at The University of Georgia are directly impacting the state, the nation and even the world. These 6 minute segments air as part of Living on Earth, Sundays at 1PM and To The Best of Our Knowledge, Monday & Tuesday Nights at 8:50PM.

Growing up in Alabama, everyone has a tornado story. In this segment, Dr. John Knox discusses how he decided to be a meteorologist at 5 years old after living through a devastating storm. He also gives a number of important tips about how to survive a tornado: have a plan based on your location, if your in a building, go to the lowest floor away from windows, if you’re driving, pull over and lay in a ditch, and wherever you are, wear a football helmet.

Tracking Tornado Debris

Nov 20, 2015

When a tornado strikes, you might not have time to grab anything except your loved ones. In this segment, host April Sorrows speaks with Dr. John Knox, associate professor of geography and current representative of Clarke County’s District 8 on the Board of Education. They discuss reuniting people with their lost photos and items after tornadoes in Alabama and how this work has implications for nuclear power safety.

Weather Forecasting

Nov 20, 2015

Groundhog shadows, farmers almanacs, tingling injuries, and rings around celestial objects have all been used to predict the weather. In this segment, host April Sorrow speaks to Dr. John Knox about how accurate these old tricks are at predicting the weather and what it really means when the weather report says “20% chance of rain.” Dr. Knox is an associate professor of geography and current representative of Clarke County’s District 8 on the Board of Education.

Anderson Cooper. Jake Tapper. Diane Sawyer. Mark Zuckerberg? Chances are, someone you know is getting all their news from social media.  In this segment, host April Sorrow speaks with Dr. Itai Himelboim, Director of the Social Media Engagement & Evaluation Suite and Associate Professor of Advertising at the University of Georgia. They discuss the structure of social media relationships and why the US government needs to utilize these structures to better communicate with the Middle East and North Africa.

Asthma Storms

Jan 18, 2015

The next time you’re wheezing and gasping for breath on what was supposed to be a leisurely walk to work on a muggy, Monday morning, blame the weather. Host April Sorrow speaks to Dr. Andrew Grundstein, a University of Georgia professor and climatologist in the Department of Geography, to explore why people with asthma or pollen allergies are more likely to seek medical attention after lightning storms and why rattling lungs and thundering skies don’t mix.