UGA Searching For Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Female Student

3 hours ago

Credit University of Georgia

University of Georgia Police have issued a warning regarding a report of sexual battery and false imprisonment of a female student. According to the notice, a university official reported the incident which happened on Finley Street on October 12 at 2:30 a.m.

The student told the official she called for an Uber while at an off-campus location. When she approached the vehicle, the driver told her was not an Uber driver, but that he would take her to Creswell Hall. She got into the with the driver, who she described as a “creepy older white guy.” The man touched her thigh and demanded she kiss him before he would let her out. The victim says she kissed the man and he let her out of the vehicle. She did not contact law enforcement and all information was gathered from the UGA Police Department.

If you have any information regarding this incident, you are asked to called the UGA Police Department as soon as possible at 706-542-2200.

The University of Georgia issued this warning to students, faculty staff and visitors in the wake of the incident:

The University of Georgia Police Department urges all students, faculty, staff and visitors to the UGA campus to follow personal safety strategies designed to lessen their chances of being victims of crime, regardless of when and where they may travel in the area.  Some of these strategies include always traveling in groups when possible, always being aware of your surroundings, traveling in well-lit areas when possible, and, if the choice is made to consume alcohol, consuming in a responsible and moderate manner.  We would also urge the community to report suspicious activity or individuals to law enforcement immediately.