Northeast Georgia is Setting Records for Employment, Workforce numbers

Jan 3, 2018

Northeast Georgia is setting records when it comes to employment. That’s according to State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler who said Wednesday that the region set new record-highs in November for the number of residents with jobs and total labor force.

“You actually are seeing a lot of very good, positive stuff going on,” according to Butler. “Northeast Georgia set records when it comes to total amount people in the labor force. "They are people either currently working a job or actively seeking employment."

And he says, the good news continues.

“The best news is, you actually set a record for total employment. Those are people that have gone out there and done their job search and were successful.”  

Butler says though the 4.1 percent November unemployment rate remained the same as October, the numbers behind the rate are positive.

“One of the things you have to keep in mind is that one of the things that have been the driver for keeping the unemployment rate in a stagnant state not moving much, is actually a good thing,” according to Butler.

Commissioner Mark Butler

“The big driver right now, especially in Northeast Georgia, is the fact that because the job market is so attractive right now you’re driving more people to move to Northeast Georgia; or people that have not been looking for work and they’re going out there and they’re doing a job search. You’ve got new graduates out there in the workforce.”

Butler says those new grads are getting jobs almost as quickly as they enter the workforce.