Lighthouse Raises Money for Equipment

Jul 17, 2017

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation is holding a fundraiser for the month of July to raise money for new equipment. The Lighthouse Foundation is known for working with those who are underinsured and uninsured. One of the main aspects of the clinic is providing glasses and hearing aides to those who are not financially able to pay for these products on their own. This month, the Lighthouse Foundation is raising money to replace their two eyeglass making machines. These machines help the foundation to produce around 70,000 pairs of eyeglasses each year. Since these machines produce glasses at 6 times the normal capacity, it is time for them to be replaced with new machines. The two eyeglass making machines cost $75,000 each, so the lighthouse Foundation has a fundraising goal of $150,000. The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation has clinic locations throughout the state, i ncluding Athens, and provides vision and hearing services through education, detection, prevention and treatment. The fundraiser runs until the end of month, on July 31. To donate, visit

Credit Photo: Lighthouse