Governor Deal Proposes Changes to State Tax Code; Opens Door to Discussion on Tax Windfall

Feb 6, 2018

Governor Deal discussed possible changes to state tax legislation today. Because of the new federal tax bill, the state of Georgia is estimated to get billions of additional dollars in tax revenue. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has previously reported that because of the tax overhaul, Georgia residents could pay $3.6 billion more in state taxes over the next five years. 


Today, Governor Nathan Deal announced that he is willing to work with the legislature on the issue. He had previously stated he wanted to leave it for lawmakers to address in 2019, when a new governor will take office. 


On Tuesday, Deal said that he is proposing legislation that would update the tax code by making it conform to federal tax regulations. He also proposed eliminating sales taxes on jet fuel, which would give airlines a reprieve. Deal called on legislators to quickly pass the bill, so that Georgians can go ahead and file their tax returns. 


Airlines that get jet fuel in Georgia pay the fourth-highest tax rate in the U.S., according to the AJC.