Flu-Related Deaths Have Risen to 66 in Georgia; Hospitalizations Over 1,000

Feb 12, 2018

Credit NPR

Deaths and hospitalizations related to the flu continue to steadily rise in Georgia. 


For the fifth straight week that data has been recorded for 2018 by the Georgia Department of Public Health, both flu-related deaths and hospitalizations in the state have increased. As of the latest numbers released on Friday, there have been 66 flu-related deaths and over 1,000 hospitalizations in Georgia. Two pediatric deaths have also been confirmed in the state.


During a Friday conference call, the acting CDC Director said that nationally, one in ten of all deaths last week, were attributed to the flu or pneumonia.


Experts also say, anyone who has the flu, starts feeling better, and then feels worse, should immediately seek medical attention. Those who haven’t received the flu shot are also encouraged to do so.


It appears this season’s flu epidemic may be on track to match or surpass the most recent widespread flu outbreak, which occurred during 2014 and 2015.