Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement Meeting on 2018 Agenda

Feb 13, 2018

Credit AADM

Supporters and members of the community are invited to attend a meeting and work session of the AADM this evening at the Athens Library. On the agenda for the evening, a look at the group’s list of demands for 2018. Co-founder and President Mokah Jasmine Johnson says everyone is welcome.

"At AADM we have put out our platform of demands. and we want for the community to come out and learn more about it," said Johnson. "We want to hear from you guys to see how we can make this a better place for everyone, a more diverse and inclusive environment, where everyone feels welcome and can prosper."  The group’s platform for 2018 includes several different rallying points. "You know we have a little bit of something for everybody. Support the civil rights and human rights initiative. Invest in minority business development, and economic inclusion. Agree to support the criminal justice reform act, commit to invest in educational equity and job program initiatives, and engage in cultivating a more diverse and inclusive downtown Athens," said Johnson.   Johnson says the organization is also looking for donations of books to be handed out in area jails. The meeting is 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. tonight. For more information, or to see the complete list of demands, visit