ACCPD Caught Alleged Athens Peeping Tom, But Police Still Looking for Victims

Oct 9, 2017

Patrick McElroy
Credit Athens-Clarke County Police Department

An Athens Peeping Tom suspect has been linked to several other crimes, possibly going back as far 2013. Police arrested 30-year old Patrick McElroy on September 29 regarding an incident at Towne Club Apartments. Spokesperson Epifanio Rodriguez says McElroy is facing charges of Peeping Tom, Loitering or Prowling, and Obstruction.

"From that arrest on the 29th, we've gotten a total of 6 peeping Toms, 17 burglaries, and 5 larceny cases that we can tie all the way back to 2013," said Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez says McElroy was an Uber driver and targeted University of Georgia sorority members.

"He would pick them up at their residence, knowing where they live at that point," said Rodriguez. "And then would go back and perform his burglaries, and on some occasions the peeping Toms that he was doing."

Authorities were concerned McElroy’s crimes could escalate.

"The video surveillance that we got from one of the victims can clearly show that he has a camera in his hand and he is taking pictures of the people who were inside the residence, all of them at this point being women," said Rodriguez." So our concern was with the way he has been elevating, and in fact that he is now also an Uber driver. That it was possible he may elevate this to where he was now harming people. So we are glad we were able to get him off the streets."

Police think there are more victims out there and anyone who thinks they may be a victim is asked to contact the ACCPD.

McElroy is accused of stealing items including electronics, women’s clothing, and love letters.