Victoria Knight

Graduate Assistant/Health Reporter

Victoria Knight is a graduate assistant and health reporter for WUGA. She is currently a master's student studying health and medical journalism at the University of Georgia, and has a bachelor's degree in microbiology from the University of Tennessee. Victoria helps with daily news updates, as well as co-hosts and produces the weekly segment, Georgia Health News.

Ways to Connect

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A UGA researcher has a new research project that she’s hoping will help alleviate loneliness in elderly people. 


Heidi Ewen is hoping that fostering cats may help seniors in the Athens community to feel a little less alone.


“Loneliness is a really big problem among older people, particularly those who live alone, and that’s the population we’re targeting,” said Ewen.



The UGA Richard B. Russell Special Collections Library is hosting a panel on the investigation into JFK’s assassination. 


The Warren Commission was put together by President Lyndon B. Johnson to determine what exactly happened when JFK was killed in November 1963.  Senator Richard B. Russell (Democrat --Georgia), who the library is named after, served on the Commission.



Worth County may be paying a $3 million dollar settlement after an invasive drug search of students. 


The Atlanta-Journal Constitution is reporting that the proposed $3 million dollar settlement will go to 850 students that were searched for drugs at Worth County High School in April.


University of Georgia

University System of Georgia presidents will be now be responsible for setting their school calendars. 


The Board of Regents has created a new policy that requires state college presidents in Georgia to develop the calendar for the school year.


This policy comes after it was found there were differences between the number of weeks of instruction at UGA, Georgia Tech and Georgia State.


Georgia Health News is our weekly feature that keeps you up to date on what's happening in health around the state. 

Andy Miller is the editor of the online news site, Georgia Health News, and Victoria Knight is our health reporter. 

This week, they're discussing Georgia's low scores on health report cards, and some of the reasons the scores are so low.