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Hectic holiday schedules this time of year can mean fewer regular donors make the time for giving blood. But the American Red Cross says the need for blood remains constant. Kristen Stancil is Communications Manager with the organization.

"Well every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. It could be somebody who's in a car accident. It could be a cancer patient. It could be someone who needs an organ donation. 

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends

Nov 30, 2017

November 30 is  the last day of an intense and destructive hurricane season that included 17 named storms. Although the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season wraps up Thursday, it will be remembered for a deadly trio of storms — Harvey, Irma and Maria — that ravaged Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and numerous other islands. The storms killed hundreds and caused billions in damage.


Experts say a third of all annual giving takes place in December. This is a time of giving for many Americans and some states are more charitable than others.  Analyst Jill Gonzalez with the personal-finance website WalletHub said Georgia ranked high compared to the rest of the nation. "All in all, Georgia ranks ninth best, a top ten charitable state," said Gonzalez. "And it did really well when it comes to its volunteering and service ranking. It also got really high marks when it comes to its giving ratio.

World Toilet day is this weekend and the Athens-Clarke County government is joining others around the world to raise awareness about sanitation issues.



West Jackson Elementary School

West Jackson Elementary School is one of six around the state receiving a $10,000 grant from Governor Deal’s office. The school is participating in the FY 2018 Innovation Fund Accelerator.


Dr. Amity Hardegree, the school’s principal says this will allow them to visit other schools with successful STEAM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, programs.