Embark Georgia Leadership Conference

May 19, 2017
Shannah Cahoe Montgomery / Fanning Institute



Day one has wrapped up for the inaugural Embark Georgia Leadership Conference. The University of Georgia's Fanning Institute hosted the event on college access and resources for students facing homelessness or foster care.

Each student has a unique situation and UGA football player and finance major Steven Van Tiflin is no different, he unexpectedly found himself at risk of homelessness.

New Rabies Therapy

May 15, 2017

In the latest segment of Classic City Science, host April Sorrow discusses fascinating research that resulted in the development of a new treatment and therapy for Rabies, even after the disease has spread to the brain. Doctor Biao He, Professor of Infectious Diseases and Dr. Zhen Fu, Professor of Pathology, both from UGA's prestigious College of Veterinary Medicine, share their findings.

In this episode, Robin McEntire of the Athenia Team explores the unique bond between local craft brewery Creature Comforts and the Athens Community. Turns out, there's more to it than just good beer!

A new, 90-minute documentary focuses on how Athens shed its small-town, conservative southern roots to become the city it is today.

Local film producers Kathy Prescott and Grady Thrasher are premiering their latest work, “Athens in Our Lifetimes” Wednesday evening at Cine. Prescott calls the film a labor of love.

Campus Carry Protest Planned for Arch

Apr 25, 2017
Alexia Ridley

A student-led protest group is holding its third rally opposing campus carry legislation. The group of University of Georgia students is holding yet another protest rally Wednesday evening at the Arch.



They are inviting members of the community to join faculty, their fellow students, and others in taking part. Organizer Mallory Harris says they also want like-minded citizens to take action.