UGA Drug Drop Box

27 August 2014

The University of Georgia Police Department is providing a drop box to get rid of medication and others drugs and keep them out of the water system. The large metal drop box is located just outside the UGA Police Department to safely collect unneeded or unwanted prescription medications.

The box was donated to the university through the Medical Association of Georgia Foundation as part of a campaign known as “Think About It:Prevent RX Drug Abuse”
The original intent of such containers was was to give people a disposal option that didn’t include flushing their old or extra medications down the toilet.
It provides a secure location for anyone who wants to get rid of both legal and illegal substances.
Individuals can leave the substances with no questions asked and no potential for criminal prosecution or other sanctions.
The drop box is emptied daily.
It was installed this past spring next to the Hodgson Oil Building.

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