Georgia Theatre Under New Management

06 August 2014

Wilmot Greene will no longer be the general manager of the iconic downtown venue The Georgia Theatre. Drew Beskin, a musician and former marketing executive, will be taking Greene's spot in early 2015.

He was chosen for the position by principals of the Agon Sports and Entertainment company. Since 2004, Greene has received offers from various buyers but is now ready to let it go. The long hours that go into running a business have come at a price but Greene does believe his hard work was all worth it. “It’s unbelievable how many people over the years have stopped me to tell me they met their wife or husband at the Georgia Theatre,” he claims. Ever since the venue was built in 1889, it has served a purpose as a gathering place for Athenians. The previous and future general managers are working together to keep the transition seamless. “The whole reason why the Georgia Theatre works is it’s this sort of life force for Athens, and that’s the tradition that we want to keep alive,” Beskin said. “We are going to keep doing what Scott and Wil have been doing over the last few years with having a killer lineup each night, and making sure people come to see these concerts.” The Theatre plans on keeping it’s current employees and is making sure people don’t see a change of how the Theatre does business. Greene believes that Beskin is best fit for the spot. Wilmot Greene claims, “it’s a musicians’ venue, and knowing Drew’s histor as a musician made us feel really comfortable. We knew he’d be able to step in and continue the legacy.”

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